Android and iOS Apps are in the works!

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We soft-launched our first mobile app this past year. aftermarket for android, a free app for car enthusiasts, launched in April 2013 and it got off to a very good start. In a short span, our development team cranked out version 0.9 of aftermarket for android. The Google Play marketplace made it easy to get the app out among enthusiasts and continue to improve upon the product. A year later, with hundreds of installs and feedback from enthusiasts, we added exclusive promotions from our distribution friends and partners.


We are currently porting the aftermarket code to iOS. We didn't mean to leave out iOS users initially, but we didn't really have the budget to forge a parallel path in a different programming language. With lessons learned, we're now making some headway and we are testing among a select test group of iOS 6 and 7 users with Test Flight. Once we get the wrinkles ironed out, we will make sure to push it to the Apple iTunes App Store as a free app.

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